In the early days of motoring, 4-wheel drive wasn’t an option, and road conditions were often sub par, especially in rural areas during the Winter months. The Snowbird was a conversion made for Model T and Model A Fords that turned it into a machine able to conquer the deepest snow. The Super Snowbird conversion […]

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on the winch

Winch launching is a pretty common way to get a glider airborne in Europe, but not so in the USA where aero-towing is much more common. A winch launch is a more economical and very exhilarating method but results in a lower altitude upon release. If your airport happens to be situated right on top of a ridge

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new bridge rising

The new New York bridge is rapidly rising alongside the old Tappan Zee bridge. The huge crane known as ‘The Left Coast Lifter’ or ‘I lift NY’ made it’s way from the San Francisco bay via the Panama Canal last year and slipped under the old span at low tide to take position and lift […]

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